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To spin, or not to spin May 21, 2013

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Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite subject…SPIDERS! Okay, let’s get real, most people do not like spiders, and can barely stand the sight of them, but spiders are a very common form of wildlife that a lot of people have interaction with.

There are more than 37,000 spider species on Earth, and about 3,000 in North America alone. They can be found in a wide variety of habitats including grasslands, deserts, forests, and even your own garden!

Spiders are very beneficial to humans because they help keep farm and garden pests in control. Some spiders even eat cockroaches and other pests that can come into our homes. Yuck!

Besides scaring most people, spiders are probably best known for their webs that they spin. A spider’s web is made out of silk threads that they use to catch their prey. Not all spiders build webs though, instead, some spiders actively hunt and chase their prey.

Now that you are experts on spiders have your children create their own web. Place a piece of construction paper in a box lid. Dip a marble into tempra paint and drop it onto the paper. Roll the marble around by tilting the lid. Repeat as many times as desired to create a spider web.

marble spider web


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