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Creating Birds Nests June 4, 2013

Filed under: Animal Information,Crafts — projectwild @ 10:34 PM

Have you ever found a bird’s nest tucked into some tall grass or perched on a tree branch? Ever looked at it closely and wondered how, exactly, does a bird manage to build such an intricate nest using only its feet and beak? Some birds weave grasses together to create basket-like nests while others use clay, mud, or even spider silk to hold their nests together. Next time you’re out on a walk, keep an eye out for nests in your neighborhood, and take note of the differences between them. Where are they placed? In a tree? Under the eaves of your house? On the ground? Why might different birds build their nests in such different places?

For a fun, and tasty, activity, create an edible nest modeled after one of the real nests found outside. While there are a variety of different foods that work for edible nests, a really excellent base are the Twizzler pull-a-parts as they are easily molded and woven together. Different types of gummy candies represent pieces of bark, blades of grass, snippets of yarn, that are often used by birds to decorate or camouflage their nests. And of course, don’t forget the eggs for your nest! Whoppers, M&Ms, and similar round or oval-shaped candies make excellent eggs. Make sure to photograph your creations once they’re finished, and before any nibbles are taken!Image


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