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I love to garden. July 8, 2013

I love to garden. I love tilling the soil in the spring. Planning what plants I will have… and where they will go. I love going to the garden center to pick out just the right plants… will I get Big Boy tomatoes or Beefsteak? Will I get green peppers or red… or both?


Then, I love heading home to oh-so-carefully plant my wonderful garden. I love weeding, watering,… everything. I love to garden.


In the past, this had been MY thing. My husband was not welcome. The dog certainly was not welcome. And, then… I had kids.

Lucy raking the soil in preparation for planting the garden.

Lucy raking the soil in preparation for planting the garden.


This year the garden is a mess! My daughter, Lucy, found the packets of seeds as we were planting the garden. Together with the trowel, she managed to plant 19 cucumber plants – all over the garden. In a one foot space, she not-so-carefully dumped over 200 carrot seeds. And, she accidentally stepped on one of my eggplants.


Midway through planting the garden, I let go of my control. I let the garden become OUR mess and all are welcome (except the dog!). Lucy is in charge of watering, Sam (my son) is in charge of inspecting and finding insects. And, my job has become photographer.


We have carrots mixed in with the tomatoes, cucumbers in the peppers, and a sad looking watermelon randomly planted next to the zucchini. It is a wonderful mess. But, in the end, my kids (and I) are learning. And, best of all, we are enjoying nature together!

Sam looking for insects in the yard

Sam looking for insects in the yard.

Lucy picking... or spreading weeds

Lucy picking… or spreading weeds

Sam fixing the garden's divider before planting

Sam fixing the garden’s divider before planting


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