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Give a Kid a Camera! July 22, 2013

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Taking pictures is something that I have always liked to do, ever since I was little. Do you remember those disposable cameras? Well, I’m pretty sure my mom bought me one every month because I took so many pictures. After each roll was done, she and I would head to Target or Walgreen’s and have them developed. I was always so excited to see what my pictures had come out looking like. We would sit and look at them together and I would explain what each picture was of. I still have some of the pictures that I took to this day.

Some tips for when your child has the camera:

Let your child have complete control of the camera’s use. Let them take photos of whatever they fancy, rather than trying to guide them towards particular objects.

Ask them questions – why did you take that photo? What animal are you taking a photo of now?

You can make suggestions based on your child’s interest. “If you like its fur maybe you could try and get a closer shot”.

To kids the whole world is exciting behind a camera. You don’t need to venture very far beyond your own backyard to find plenty of images worth capturing. You may also visit a local park, or a nature center in your area. Giving kids a camera is a fantastic way for them to observe familiar things from a new perspective. They may have seen a certain flower in the backyard a million times, but until they have a camera they may not have noticed a praying mantis on the petals, this then opens up a whole new world of discovery.

Don’t be afraid to give kids a camera. The pictures may not turn out the way they wanted them to, but just be patient, and you may be surprised by how amazing some of them are.



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