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That’s One For the Books July 26, 2013

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Sometimes you may need a break from the outdoors. After swimming, hiking, crafting, birdwatching, and exploring outside, sometimes kiddos, and yourself may need a break from the outdoors. A great way to learn about nature and science indoors, is by reading.

There are many benefits to reading one is that is is great mental stimulation, for ANYONE! Recent studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress or even prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Just like any other muscle your brain requires exercise to keep it strong and healthy. The phrase “use it or lose it” is particularly apt when it comes to your mind.

Another benefit to reading is learning basic speech skills. Throughout toddlerhood and preschool, your child is learning critical language and enunciation skills. By listening to you read “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”, your child is reinforcing the basic sounds that form language.

And lastly, your children will learn the basics of how to read a book. Children aren’t born with an innate knowledge that text is read from left to right, or that the words on a page are separate from the images. Essential pre-reading skills like these are among the major benefits of early reading.

Here are some great summer reads that are science and nature related.

Pass the Energy- Barbara Shaw McKinney
The Reason for a Flower- Ruth Heller
Swimmy- Leo Lionni
Pale Male: Citizen Hawk of New York City- Janet Schulman
The Salamander Room- Anne Mazer
Hey, Little Ant- Phillip and Hannah Hoose
Under One Rock: Bugs, Slugs, and Other Ughs- Anthony Frederick
Fish is Fish- Leo Lionni
The Peregine’s Journey: A Story of Migration- Madeline Dunphy
Diary of a Spider- Doreen Cronin
An Egg Is Quiet- Dianna Aston & Sylvia Long
What if there Were No Bees?- Suzanne Slade


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