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Backyard Birding: Part 1, Water. August 1, 2013

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While exploring around your neighborhood, city parks, or heading outside of town to a lake, river, or forested area are wonderful ways to go bird watching, you can also do a lot of bird watching in your backyard. Even better, there are easy things you can do to make your yard more attractive to birds, providing them with food and water and you with a great show to watch from your windows. Let’s talk through what makes a bird-friendly yard, starting with one of the basics.

Water: birds, just like us, need a good, clean source of water. Even a small birdbath, if kept full and clean, will bring in birds. If you already have a backyard pond or are thinking of putting one in, consider an underwater pump so the water is continually moving to help prevent algae and aquatic plants from taking over the surface. Worried about mosquitoes in your pond? There are some effective, chemical-free methods of controlling mosquitoes and mosquito larvae that will also keep your pond water safe for birds, bats, and other animals. *In the wintertime, you can still provide water in a birdbath, you’ll just want to make sure to change the water frequently so it doesn’t freeze.

ImageSomething else to keep in mind, as the photo below illustrates, is how accessible your bird bath and/or backyard is to cats. Birds are pretty good at avoiding cats in general, but if you have an outdoor cat or there’s one living nearby, you might want to look into a taller birdbath to put a bit more space between visiting birds and a hungry cat. For backyard ponds, you can place a small rock or platform out in the water to provide the birds somewhere to land out of paw’s reach of a cat. Just something to keep in mind when you start working to attract more birds to your yard…


Stop by tomorrow for a look at different types of bird feeders.


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