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Snacktivities September 16, 2013

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Snack time is an integral part of many early childhood environments. Here are some fun ways to incorporate healthy snacks into a nautre- oriented time slot. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are used whenever possible, and some snacks can even be prepared by children as craft projects. You can learn, have fun and eat…everyone wins!

Here is a classic snack that I’m sure everyone has tried at least once. If you haven’t here is your chance! Use this snack to talk about ants. What do they do for us? Why should we care about ants? Well ants, are pollinators, they help make food we eat and they are actually very social animals. They live in colonies and they communicate through their antennae!

Ants on a Log

Bird Nests are a great way to transition into a bird topic. Talk about different types of nests and what birds use them. Some birds make a ground nest like a duck or a turkey. Others have pendulum nets like an oriole. Others even live in the cavity of a tree like owls!

birds nests

Trees are such an important part of our life. They provide us oxygen and provide many animals with a home. Take your snack to a room with a window by a tree and see how many animals you can count that come to the tree or live there. (birds, ants, bees, insects, fungus, other plants, raccoons, etc.)

tree snacks

Okay, so you can’t have a healthy snack ALL the time. Sometimes you NEED chocolate. Have your kids make these dirt cups and talk about compost. Maybe even start your own compost bin in your house. Also, talk about worms. Worms help plants grow and help the soil so you can garden.

dirt cups

Here are some other cute ideas. Make your own topics up to use these snacks as education. Bon Appetite!

snack bags

Ladybug Apple snack


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