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The Dark Side of the Moon November 12, 2013

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When you look up at the Moon at night, do you ever wonder how it’s possible you can see it, and why sometimes only part of the Moon can be seen while other times you see the whole Moon? Unlike the Sun, the Moon doesn’t create its own light. The Moon reflects the light from the Sun making it visible at night. One side of the Moon is always facing the Sun and receives light and the other side is always facing away from the Sun and is in darkness. The amount of light we can see reflecting off the Moon all depends on the position of the Moon compared to the Earth and the Sun.

But what are the phases of the moon? The different amounts of the Moon we see at night is called a phase. The Moon travels through eight distinct phases as it travels around the Earth every 29½ days (about one month).

Once the Moon completes one full orbit and returns to its point between the Sun and the Earth and we begin the cycle again with a new Moon – we also begin a new month!

Here is a fantastic and tasty way to teach your youngsters the phases of the Moon, using Oreos! And guess what! They will not only memorize it but will be memorable learning. Which means that they not only memorize the information but they are filing it away so that they can remember it again and again. Check this out!

phases of the moon


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