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Nebraska Winters Screen Staring Alternatives: Part Two December 6, 2013

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As a quick carry over from yesterday’s post, here is a similar idea for below freezing temperatures.  ICE ART!

 Again, just knowing the amount of time kiddos will have to endure being drug outside in 5 degree weather will temper some whining.  I said some. Bundle up your brood, get outside and collect berries, evergreen leaves, pine cones, and leaves. I promise most whining will cease with some positive parental excitement and the tapped inborn explorer in all kids

ice art 2ice art 1






Explore, point out tracks, and other signs of wildlife. If you don’t know what kind of scat that is, who cares, you found scat! Any animal poop is gross and weird, but never ceases to fascinate. When your clan has had enough of the cold, get them back inside for cocoa and start prepping for some craft time. Set some water to boil, this will make the ice turn out clearer and you will see all of the goodies you collected better. Pour hot water in plastic tubs, muffin tins or cookie cutters and lay the goodies you collected in the molds. If you want to hang your ice art make sure you add some twine or yarn.

ice art 3

Set everything outside to freeze solid.  You may need to run some water to unmold everything.  Then bundle up your brood, get outside and decorate.

ice art 4 ice art 5 ice art 7

Choose to live.

See you out there!


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