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Staving Off Cabin Fever February 13, 2014

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Does winter have you down and out?  Are you itching for spring?  Planning spring and summer projects now will not only help alleviate any cabin fever symptoms that you or your family may have, planning will also help you get a jump on projects when the ground starts to thaw and buds start bursting.

sunflower_houseOne word.  Forts.  I don’t know any kid, or many grown-ups, who doesn’t like a fort.  One favorite around my place is a Sunflower House.  Inspired by the book of the same name, the idea is to plant Sunflowers seeds, preferably a native species, in a circle or square.  Depending on the species Sunflowers can grow up to six feet tall, I have seen taller, creating a perfect little hideout among the foliage.  You can sow Morning Glory seeds among the Sunflowers.  These great vining climbers will fill gaps and add color. Planning projects can be as simple as getting into the craft drawer and having your kiddos draw a picture or make a list of supplies.  They can research native Sunflowers, or why Morning Glory flowers open and close.  On days when the kids just need to get out for a bit, even though the wind is blowing at a temperature of eight degrees, you can start scavenging for supplies.

4746377277526_f260This idea also makes a fantastic present.  Along with the Sunflower House book, you can help the kids prepare little bags of seed.  You can spend a couple hours one day with them making homemade recycled paper to write instructions, birthday or May Day wishes.

For those of you planning for your garden you can get the kiddos involved by creating a tepee Pea or Bean trellis.  You can do this right in the garden and sow your Pea or Bean seeds around the perimeter.  A fort that supplies a snack, what more could any kid want.


 Planning projects for spring can help focus the jittery mind of any kid, or grown-up, who may have any symptoms of cabin fever.  What is a truly spectacular by-product though, is what the kiddos learn.  They have an idea, they create a vision, they plan, and they gather ideas, information and supplies (with help of the grown-ups of course).  Life-long learners, self-confidence, and patience are all being created in our kiddos and heck, ourselves while we dream of more daylight and warm nights and plan for what we will do with it.

See You Out There!


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