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Spring Ideas to Take the Daily Routine Outside April 14, 2014

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(Due to technical complications this post did not appear before the untimely spring snow.  Either way, I think now after this melt, spring will finally be here to stay. Practice ideas below accordingly.  See You Out There!)

Spring is lookin’ like it is finally here to stay. We have all been waiting for that smell of ground thaw, the feel of a breeze that doesn’t chill us, and the forgotten but familiar sounds, of bird, cricket and frog.   Now more than ever I find myself looking for ways to fit outside activities into our already busy daily routine.  Here are a handful of inside activities that seamlessly transition outside.

  1. Read a Book

I have a ferocious first grade reader in my family and we already have fond memories of blankets, couch pillows and shady patches of grass in the yard. If you read to your kids before bedtime, take them out to read all snuggled up in a blanket for some fresh cool night air. They’ll sleep better too.


  1. Chores

Most kids already help around the house.   Assign them jobs that need to get done outside.  Pick up outside toys or trash, rake the leaves, water plants or sweep the porch.

  1. Walk, Don’t Ride

Take a break from the car. If you have some errands to run around town, strategically park and try hoofin’ it to ones that are within walking distance.

  1. Eat a Meal  Outside

I’m a huge supporter of cooking meals from scratch. But sometimes we just don’t have the time.  It is not an uncommon occurrence at my house to have PB&J an apple and some carrots for supper.  These quick meals are easy to take outside. If you don’t have any outdoor furniture, blankets are an easy go to.  Sometimes we just sit on the front porch steps.


  1. Homework

Here is another one for the blanket. (You may just have to designate an outdoor blanket.)  Practice spellings words or quiz your kiddos for their next history test.  A review for a test would be an easy thing to do on a walk too.

  1. Music Practice

Do you have a kid playing trumpet in the school jazz band? I do, and there is no better place for a budding musician to practice a portable instrument then outside.


  1. Watchin’

Instead of couch surfing, get a comfy spot to sit outside and watch the squirrels in your backyard tree. Set up a bird feeder and learn your common birds. Watch your neighbor kids ride their bikes, look at the clouds or the stars.

It’s that easy to work in some outside time and the benefits are numerous. Nebraska Project WILD wants to hear about the activities you have taken outside.  Post in the comments or find us on Facebook.

See You Out There!


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