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Reason #2 of Five Reasons Why I Pull My Kids out the Door in Feels Like -15 Degrees January 21, 2015

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Reason #2- Accepting Change and Learning to Adapt

What is your favorite season?  While I don’t think I have a favorite season, I have been able to recognize in myself the last couple of years, what I enjoy most about seasons are the moments of change between them.

I love the relief from extreme cold that spring brings.  Once the thaw hits I find myself wanting a thorough warming in my bones that only a prairie summer can give.   Then the relief from the heat that fall brings, not as desperate as the relief felt from spring, but more gentle and I welcome it.  With winter brings rest, the symbolic death, I look forward to hunkering down and storing my reserves. But it’s not too long and I’m desperate for the inevitable birth of spring, desperate to stretch.

There is great value in connecting our children to the outside world in all its states of being.  Children learn about the cycles of life around them seeing how all things change and questioning how things adapt.  Winter is no acceptation.  It’s easy to stay hunkered down until the perfect sunny 75 degree day with no wind.  Those days are a blessing and teach us to be grateful. But should we zombie out in front of a screen for all the other days, waiting around for the perfect day?

Getting my kiddos outdoors on the cold blustery days of a prairie winter, teaches them to accept change and adapt.  They know they need boots, layers and the hats that keep the wind out of their ears.  In getting out of the wind or finding drifted snow to romp in, the places they roam, investigate, and play on our property change in the winter.

What happens to the leaves on the trees?  How do the birds stay warm and find food?   Why is it dark so early?  All questions that help to understand how the world adapts to change.  Just as in our own lives we must adapt to change. In stepping out into the wide frozen world of winter I hope I’m helping my kiddos collect the tools they need for a happy life. Maybe experiencing something so much bigger than us changing and adapting will quietly sneak into their tool box.

Check back tomorrow for Reason #3 Teaching Resiliency



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