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Exploring Nature Close to Home March 26, 2015

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Seasonal Changes

Spring has sprung! And that means it is a great time to get out and explore nature. Many people have a mindset that they must go to nature, that nature is a thing that you visit and then leave. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Nature is all around us! As spring progresses, take your kids out often to explore the changes. Notice with the trees start getting their leaves, which types of flowers are starting to bloom, and what kind of birds and insects you are starting to see.

Native Garden

Growing Native

Gardening for Wildlife

Do you like to garden? Get the kids involved with creating a wildlife garden! You and your children can research native plants that would do well in your yard conditions and select your favorite to plant. Have them draw their design ideas, and together create a master plan. By involving them in the process, they will feel more ownership for the garden and this will increase the lasting care and interest of the project.

Planning for your garden

Planning for your garden

The use of native plants is a great way to create a beautiful space while attracting and helping local wildlife. Native plants are adapted to the local conditions; this is ideal because they require less water and are more useful for native wildlife. By adding a bird feeder and/or watering tray to your garden, you can attract even more wildlife! Below are some links to great Nebraska native plant resources.

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum-

Nebraska Native Plant Society-

Finke Gardens & Nursery-

Don’t have room for a full garden? You can plant natives in pots too! See the links below for more details!

Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens-

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center-


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