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Fall Fun November 30, 2015

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Fall is a wonderful time of year to get those youngsters outdoors playing in the fresh air and learning about nature!  There are many activities that parents can do with their children, or teachers with their students.  Fall is the time when leaves start to change color and drop from the trees, many animals start their migration south for the winter, and some animals stay around and collect food for winter.


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There are many activities that children can do outside to learn about nature and wildlife.  Take the kiddos out to collect different types of leaves, help them identify the leaves and what kind of three they came from.  There are many activities you can do with fall leaves: such as experiments on how the leaves change color, leaf collages, leaf rubbings, leaf prints, and even just raking the leaves and jumping in the piles.

leaf rubbing

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Your children can also learn about the types of animals that are migrating through your area.  In the fall many species of birds make the trip south and you can help children listen and watch for them, and try to identify them.  You can use binoculars; either ones from the store or ones that the children have made (toilet paper tubes, string, tape, and crayons are all you need!) to look for different birds and mammals in your area.

So get those kids outside and excited to learn about nature and wildlife!  Everything you need is out there waiting…


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