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The Sun Stands Still: Part Two December 21, 2017


Happy Winter Solstice! Yesterday I posted part one of ‘The Sun Stands Still”. Hmm I am just realizing this would make a great title for a soap opera…are there still soap operas… yeah okay I got off track.  What the title refers to is the celestial event marking the time in our planets journey around the sun when we earth dwellers, in the northern hemisphere, experience days with increasingly less light.  Check out the post here if you like.

Less daylight means more dark.  Leaving for work in the dark and coming home to actual complete night can wear a person down.  Not enough sunlight can affect us physically and emotionally. Check out a past post about that here.

Spring and summer seem to be the times of year we most associate with outdoor adventure.  To indulge in any nighttime fun though, one must achieve the status of staying up past ones bedtime. Right now however,  we have the ‘luxury’ of almost 15 hours a day without sunlight to indulge in nighttime adventures.  I suppose we do have that whole prairie winter thing to consider though.

LAYERS!  Absolutely the most basic and important thing to keep yourself and your loved ones in relative comfort for those cold weather outdoor adventures.

Let’s go over the three layer concept:

DSCN2069Base layer, insulating layer and shell layer.

  1. Base layer– This is the layer against your skin. Don’t forget when you are moving around on those cold dark days you are gonna warm up. So ideally you would want your base layer to be made of material that will wick moisture, helping to regulate body temperature. Cotton is not the best fiber for this but sometimes you gotta use what you have.
  2. Insulating layer– This layer maintains body heat. Wool and down are great fibers for this. Wool is best for wet conditions and down is miraculous in dry conditions. There are many synthetic materials that will keep you well insulated whatever the conditions.
  3. Shell layer– This layer is your force field against the whipping prairie winter wind. Waterproof but breathable is my suggestion. You want sweat to evaporate.

The best thing about layers is you can just shed or add to adjust your comfort level.

Dark days don’t have to be spent solely indoors.  Check back for more winter weather tips and dark day adventure inspiration.


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