Nebraska Project WILD


Winter Scavenger Hunt February 12, 2018

Oh February.  The shortest most infinite month.  The prelude to true anticipation of spring.  I rather enjoy winter or maybe it’s just the changing of the seasons.  Whatever the case I’m starting to get the itch for change, but we still have a bit of winter left.

It is very important for, a variety of reasons, to get outside this month.  Not just you, but your kiddos to.  Cabin fever is a very real thing as is seasonal effective disorder.  We need fresh air and a disconnect from screens that have provided us comfort these past weeks.  If you are feeling all, ‘the winter of my discontent’, then your kiddos are too.  Take them out on a quick little winter scavenger hunt to scratch the cabin fever itch.

For the itty bitties that can’t read yet, simple images do the trick.  Find shapes, colors, and images of a variety of outdoor winter scenes they could stumble upon.  You can even add images of things they probably won’t find to foster questions about seasonal connections.  ‘Why do you think we didn’t find a spider?’   Make your own or use this one, Winter Scavenger Hunt.  Bundle up, grab a clip board and get out there for a winter adventure.

Time Outdoors is Time Well Spent



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